Campaign Introduction:

In the wake of the assassination of King Kalak of Tyr, a time of hope and change has fallen upon the dying world of Athas. In the small trading outpost of Altaruk, five adventurers have been brought together by the winds of fate. Their deeds heretofore will either become that of legend, or will crumble into silt.

Meet the Party:

  • Adric – a Half-Elf warlock on the run from his templar duties in Tyr, in the wake of Kalak’s death.
  • Ea Synnaridia – a Tiefling psion who masquerades as a minstrel, but has a sinister secret.
  • Grikk – a wandering Human shaman who is tormented by the very spirits who aid him.
  • Lothlaure – an Elven dancer whose heart is full among her tribe, who have a habit of helping themselves to others’ property. Now deceased.
  • Sahmule Tall (“Tall Sam”) – a Human gladiator who earned his freedom in the arena, but still harbors an insatiable hunger for glory.

Their journey begins when a psionic beacon starts emanating from a location in the Great Alluvial Sand Wastes to the northwest. The rest is history in the making…

Play Logs:

Adric’s Arcane Journal

Legacy of the Sorcerer-King

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