Scarab Lord Tamotep

The insane, scarab-loving guardian of the Pyramid of Ral.


A human dressed in silk robes of an ancient style.


Tamotep was assigned the duty of guarding the Pyramid of Ral by Kalak, but was soon forgotten as time buried the pyramid in sand. The wards Kalak had cast on him gave him immortality and the power to defend the pyramid… at a price.

Over a thousand years buried in the desert took their toll on Tamotep. He lost his sanity as the years went by, and began to pass the time by carving images of scarabs into every available surface.

By the time the party unlocked the entrance to the Pyramid of Ral, Tamotep was tired. He begged the party to break the seal on the floor in front of the door and set him free from his torment, but they refused. In his defense, Tamotep summoned a small army of scarabs, but the party prevailed.

As he neared defeat, Tamotep fell apart into a skittering horde of beetles and disappeared into the cracks in the walls.

Scarab Lord Tamotep

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