Rhotan Vor

A tough yet charismatic dwarf who heads House Wavir's operations in Altaruk.


Standing four feet tall and cordoned with muscle, Rhotan is always wearing illustrious silk clothing but never goes anywhere without a massive, well-used bone hammer strapped to his back.


Rhotan Vor has worked his way up through House Wavir to become the head of operations in Altaruk, coordinating with the leaders of House Rees and House Tomblador to control trade along Balic-Tyr trade route. Many believe that his Dwarven Focus is the prosperity of Wavir, and his actions seem to support this.

When one of his caravans went missing and everyone else had written them off as a loss, Rhotan hired Adric, Wulfgar and Ka’tho to investigate. Returning with Alia Sixsands (whom Rhotan has some fondness for) as well as a small portion of the cargo, Adric and Ka’tho managed to accomplish something few others do— impress Rhotan Vor.

Always careful of maintaining a strong appearance for House Wavir, when another group (led by Naraxis Flamewill) went missing while investigating a psionic distress call, Rhotan secretly assembled a second team composed of adventurers unaffiliated with the House. To track the psionic signal, he chose a tiefling named Ea. As the muscle of the group, he hired a gladiator named Sahmule Tall. To guide the party across the wastes, he sent an elven thief whose life he had saved named Lothlaure. And because he had previously proven useful, he once again called upon the services of the mysterious young Adric. Ka’tho had gained too much notoriety for saving the wagon drivers and had to be left behind in order to avoid giving the impression that the expedition had something to do with Wavir.

The group was complete, but a mysterious comment by Stella the Crone led the superstitious Rhotan to add a fifth and final member, an itinerant wanderer of the wastes named Grikk. What exactly the comment was is anyone’s guess.

Rhotan Vor

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