Naraxis Flamewill

Rhotan Vor's pet psionicist.


Naraxis is covered in purple tattoos that seem to glow whenever he touches his ki. His head is shaved bald and he has a serene demeanor about him. Naraxis’ hands have been severely damaged.


A psionicist in the employ of House Wavir, Naraxis is invaluable for his ability to dowse water and, some whisper, affect trade negotiations from the sidelines. He is frequently seen at Rhotan Vor’s side, watching everything that happens with an air of concentration.

Naraxis was recently sent on a mission to investigate abnormal psionic activity that had been detected by a scouting party returning from an area southeast of Altaruk. While inspecting the doors of an ancient pyramid he found there, his group was fallen upon by an id fiend. Held in thrall by the fiend, Naraxis clawed mindlessly in terror at the stone door of the pyramid, mangling his hands and almost perishing from sun sickness in the process. He was released from his torment by the arrival of the party, and was last seen whisked away on the back of crodlu by Ka’tho !Zlixitch, who intends to get him to water and try to treat his injuries.

Naraxis Flamewill

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