Ka'tho !Zlixitch

A former slave turned respected Thri-kreen warrior.


Ka’tho stands seven feet tall, with four arms and a shiny green carapace. He is considered handsome— for a thri-kreen, that is.


A former slave-turned-guard in Kalak’s palace in Tyr, Ka’tho fled the city when Kalak was slain. He met up with Adric and began to bond to him as a clutchmate. Ka’tho mourns during the night hours for the comforts of his hive, long lost to him.

Ka’tho recently assisted Adric in the rescue of a couple missing Wavir wagon drivers, working for Rhotan Vor in order to earn some coin to continue getting as far away from Tyr as possible.

The next day, Adric mysteriously vanished, and after bribing a Wavir guard Ka’tho found out that Adric had been sent on another mission by Rhotan Vor. Ka’tho spent the last of his coin on a crodlu and chased after Adric, riding tirelessly through the night and eventually catching up with him at the base of a pyramid that had been unearthed.

The group had just fought a terrifying Id Fiend, and Ka’tho arrived to a scene of carnage. There were bones everywhere, a man with purple tattoos lay dying, and there was even an elf who had been bitten completely in half by the beast. Ka’tho scooped up the tattooed man, a psionicist named Naraxis Flamewill, and rode back to the Crimson Falls Oasis to try to nurse him back to health whilst the party investigated the strange pyramid.

Ka'tho !Zlixitch

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