Alia Sixsands

A tiefling wagon driver for House Wavir with a fiery spirit that matches her heritage.


Alia has red hair and a reddish complexion, with a small pair of horns and swept ears. She appears more human and less devilish than many other tieflings do, which some whisper is due to her ancestors successfully paying off part of their blood debt.


Alia is a caravan guide for House Wavir, and a master mekillot handler. Alia generally prefers life on the trail to that of being around others. Being a tiefling has caused others to shun her, and she has learned to keep her walls up around strangers. She opens up, however, for Rhotan Vor, who she views as somewhat of a father figure.

While on the trail, she is a natural leader who earns the respect of any working beneath her. She seems to have an uncanny knack for surviving through sticky situations.

One such situation occurred recently when her wagon was set upon by a pack of silt runners, led by a ssurran. She was taken captive to the ruins of a tower nearby, and was forced to watch as her guards were eaten, one by one. Alia was saved until last because the ssurran was a bit apprehensive about eating a tiefling. Before he had the chance, however, she was saved by Ka’tho and Adric.

Alia Sixsands

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