Half-Elf Templar


Adric is a young, attractive half-elf from Tyr. His chest is covered in mysterious markings, that when examined closely, seem alive, crawling across his skin.


Adric is the elf-born son of Borghis, a human templar of Kalak, sorcerer-king of Tyr. Borghis was a cruel and brutal man who enjoyed all of the privileges his power brought, including the female companionship of his unwilling elven slave, Kima.

Adric was born of that rape, and after his birth, Kima lived out her bitter and tortured life in servitude alongside her bastard son in Borghis’s estate. She attempted to take her own life on several occasions, but Borghis would not permit her escape, even in death, even going as far as bringing her back from the precipice of death, and forcing himself on her upon her resurrection as punishment for her defiance.

On Adric’s twelfth birthday, he return to the slave quarters after his duties cleaning out the manor’s chamber pots to be informed that his mother had at last been successful in her latest suicide attempt. When Adric asked if he could see the body, he was told that it had already been thrown out with the trash.

Enraged, Adric tracked down Borghis in his manor who was in a meeting with Kalak. Adric grabbed the sword from his father’s scabbard and ran the sword through the vile templar’s chest.
Adric expected to be killed instantly for the murder, or at the very least imprisoned or thrown into the gladiatorial arena, but instead Kalak smiled. Kalak offered Adric a position as one of his templars. Stunned, Adric didn’t know what to say. Kalak then informed him that he didn’t actually have a say in the matter.

Kalak instructed on of his templars to trace arcane runes on Adric’s chest, binding him and forcing him to carry out Kalak’s will. Kalak informed Adric that their fates were now linked.

After that, Adric lived a life of isolation; set apart from the templars he served alongside by his slave status, and apart from the slaves he bunked with by his templar status.
That all changed the day Kalak fell.
Seven years had passed since Adric was forced to make his arcane pact. One day, while carrying carrying out his templar duties, an old slave woman told Adric of a tribe of elves to the far east that his mother may have been from. As he spoke with the woman, he felt a sharp pain in his chest, then a sudden feeling of serenity. The streets were afire with the rumors of Kalak’s death, and Adric took the opportunity to run.

He met up with Ka’tho, a thri-kreen warrior who was also fleeing Tyr, and together the two of them made their way to Altaruk. While skeptical, Adric hopes that if he locates this tribe, then he may find a home with his mother’s people.
To complicate matters, his access to the arcane powers “gifted” by Kalak has become sporadic, and Adric fears that the powers he’s come to take for granted may disappear completely.
Until that time, he hopes to save up as much coin as possible, so that if and when his power does fade, he will not be completely helpless.

Adric’s Arcane Journal:


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