Legacy of the Sorcerer-King

To the Moon and Back

Adric’s Arcane Jounal (Session 3)
6 Haze, in the Year of Priest’s Defiance, in the 190th King’s Age

After the battle’s end, the water guardian returned and beseeched us to stop the corruption from spreading further. I had been trying to keep a low profile, but as usual, the group seemed aimless. I strode forward to ask the elemental how we could help. The elemental believed that the orb that floated above the obelisk was the source, but after Ea’s stone, everyone was afraid to touch it. With Sam’s aid, I climbed to the top of the obelisk, and grabbed it from its perch.

Sure that it was harmless now, Ea began examining it to see if she could use it as a psionic focus. I spoke the words as before, “Shoggoza krixus talruthi Athas”, and we were transported back to Athas.
But whatever we had done on the moon had had the effect we desired. The psionic beacon had been destroyed, unfortunately the unexpected side effect was that the pyramid was following its example. The five of us ran for the exits, using whatever skills we could to find safe passage out. Sam found us a side passage but it lead us to a dead end. But I spotted light shining through. I threw my weight against the wall, but I couldn’t get it to budge. In the heat of the moment, as the debris fell all around us, I knew what I had to do. I had to defile. Digging deep, I pulled strength from my allies and burst through the wall. We slid down the pyramid’s walls with seconds to spare.

We rested not far from the pyramid. That night we were all silent. Between Lothlaure’s rebirth, our trip to the moon, and me being outed as a spellcaster, we had been through enough shock for one day. The time for reckoning will come later.

7 Haze, in the Year of Priest’s Defiance, in the 190th King’s Age

We all remained silent on the tip back to Altaruk, as we had the night before. My head was swimming with all the information we had gathered the previous day. Kalak was somehow tied to the obelisks in the pyramid and on the moon. And the elemental claimed that there were others. Did Kalak have a hand in those too? Did his death cause the obelisk in the pyramid to malfunction, and if it did are the other obelisks in danger?
And who was the man in the pyramid? Had I been less rash I could have questioned him, and maybe found out the answers to some of these questions that have been vexing me. What was it he said? “Kalak promised me…”? Promised him what? Would he be surprised to know Kalak is dead? Or did he know instinctively the same way I did?

Lost in my thoughts I nearly didn’t notice when we stumbled onto a camp of slavers. They had captured Ka’tho and the psion, Naraxis. The group set to work fighting them when suddenly, the ground beneath our feet began to shake.
A gigantic cloud ray was sleeping beneath us. And had begun to fly. The wagon that held Ka’Tho and Naraxis’s cages began to teter and nearly toppled off of the cloud ray. I teleported myself into the cage with them and teleported them back out. Though the weakened Naraxis was still no help, Ka’Tho leapt to his feet and helped us kill those who had imprisoned him. While he wasn’t fighting at his best, it was good to fight alongside him again.

Mid-fight, I noticed that Lothlaure wasn’t fighting with us any longer. No sooner had I begun to express concern, then she rose in the sky on the back of a cloud ray pup to rejoin the fight.

Afterwards, I tethered a rope to the ray, and we descended off the ray’s back. Grikk, insane as ever, lept off of the back of the ray, to catch hold of another pup, and directed it to the ground. Ea nearly didn’t make it down, but in the end we all made it safely to ground.
As we continued on, we saw a strange shape in the desert. Investigating it nearly proved to be my undoing, as a voracious silt worm nearly made a meal of me. Fortunately Rhotan chose my allies well, and the group rescued me and we made our way back to the town to claim our reward.



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