Legacy of the Sorcerer-King

The Rebirth of Lothlaure

Adric’s Arcane Journal (Session 2)
6 Haze, in the Year of Priest’s Defiance, in the 190th King’s Age

My ruse about the dagger indeed worked, but the Ea failed to explain the complexity of the mechanism. Worse still, she failed to anticipate the effect it would have on the area, or more specifically the dead in the area, who began to rise of their own accord.
Among them was Lothlaure, our companion we had seen ripped in two mere moments ago, was now conscious, and dragging herself along the desert floor, leaving a streak of crimson across the sand as she clawed her way towards her lower half.

Ea and I continued working on the locks, using my eldritch knowledge to navigate the maze-like intricacies of the arcane lock. Ea seemed to struggle a bit more than I did, so after I finished navigating my lock, I rejoined the battle, and to my surprise, so had Lothlaure, the two halves of her now magically rejoined as one. Even more surprising was the fact that unlike her undead brethren, she fought not against us, but with us.
After Ea finished with her lock the dead stopped rising, and we were left with only one undead creature. Our former ally, Lothlaure.

It may have been prudent to kill her, but I was intrigued. Necromancy is not a thing I’ve ever studied but I knew enough to be able to tell that this was a special case. She seemed to have no recollection of being dead, and claimed to be our ally. I don’t know that that was ever true, but until this matter is settled, I’ll gladly have her blade at my side, though now more than ever I fear I may instead find it in my back.

We made our way into the temple and found what clearly was once a grand entryway. It was still beautiful in a way, though it appeared to have fallen into disuse long ago. Or so I thought, until I noticed the man sitting on the throne at the center of the room.
He asked for our help. He wanted to be freed from the pyramid, and offered us some kind of lame reward that none of us believed. The others were quite certain that we shouldn’t help him, but I personally was impartial, that is until he mentioned the name Kalak. After that my task was clear.

He summoned insects to aid him in his task, but the group fought well as a unit, and we crushed him. As we landed what we thought would be the killing blow, his body scattered into hundreds of small insects that scattered to the winds. Who knows if we’ll see this servant of my enemy again.

Beyond the throne was a great obsidian obelisk, draconic words carved into its side; “Shoggoza krixus taluthi Ral”. I read them and suddenly we were transported elsewhere.
After that we found ourselves on the face of the moon, Ral, a similar obelisk standing amid dead and lifeless soil that seemed to encircle the black spire, a glowing orb floating above its peak. Ea threw something, a stone perhaps, at the orb and the dead earth seemed to grow. A guardian of water appeared before us, and sensing we were from Athas, summoned guardians of stone to destroy us.

As usual, Sam and I fought side-by-side, but this time I found aid from a new source, Lothlaure. I’m uncertain if death changed her, heck, I’m not even certain she still IS Lothlaure, but whatever happened she fought, more than ever, as a part of our team.
Grikk called, once again on the shimmering human, but this time when he did, the water guardian spoke to him. I couldn’t understand what was being said over the noise of the battle, but the water elemental seemed to jump inside Grikk, empowering him.



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