Legacy of the Sorcerer-King


Adric’s Arcane Jounal (Session 4)
7 Haze, in the Year of Priest’s Defiance, in the 190th King’s Age

We returned to Altaruk, bloodied but not defeated. Upon our nearing town some brute with a metal sword on his hip came at us, barking orders. He asked us if Rhotan had sent us to “the Vault”, and demanded we hand over everything we had found. I was careful with my words, not giving the brute the answers he sought, and stood ready to fight.
Fortunately Rhotan came by just in time. He was able to shoo the beast of a man, who Rhotan identified as Haneth Tsalaxa, a major player in the city. We told Rhotan that we had destroyed the becon, telling him it was the work of a defiler, though I was careful not to mention the moon. Last thing I needed was Rhotan questioning my sanity, or worse, believing my fantastical tale.

Rhotan rewarded each of us in turn, to Lothlaure, he told her the location of her tribe, in the back of a slaver’s caravan, headed for the site of Kalak’s pyramid. He offered Ea free passage on Wavir’s caravans to help settle her blood debt, and told Sam he was having his caravan drivers spead word of Sam’s battle prowess, even giving him a charcoal drawing of Sam snapping an Id Fiend in half. To Grikk he gave a pair of fine clothing, sandals, and a bath, which I feel like was as much my reward as it was Grikk’s. To me he offered training with his guard. He seemed to be hinting at something with his offer of training, but I can’t put my finger on it. Perhaps Vor is aware of my secret ability to cast arcane magic, and the fact that that power is waning. Or perhaps it was something else entirely. Only time will tell.
I asked Rhotan if he had heard of any similar disturbances, to the becon we had stopped, but he said he hadn’t.

We rested up in one of Vor’s fine tents, and I proposed to the group that we should band together to seek out the rest of the portals to the surface of Ral spoken of by the strange elemental creature. Lothlaure asked for assistance in freeing her people from the slavers. While I am not eagar to get back to Tyr, I cannot, in good conscience, allow people to suffer in slavery as I have, and as my mother before me had. We decided to head to Tyr together.

8 Haze, in the Year of Priest’s Defiance, in the 190th King’s Age

Everyone seemed to be on board with the plan, after all, it’s hard enough to make it in this world alone, but when we awoke Grikk had gone. A guard of Rhotan’s came in the room and said that he had urgent need of us. A dying dwarf, one of the house’s caravan drivers lay sprawled out before us.

The dwarf said that his caravans had been ambushed, describing his attackers as “green devils.” Rhotan hardly needed to ask for assistance. Lothlaure suggested we could pose as a caravan to be attacked, but both Ka’tho and I agreed that it would be best if we were to move immediately. Strike quickly in the hope of finding survivors.

We set out almost immediately. A part of me was sad to leave Altaruk in such haste. I had hoped to see Alia at least one more time. But if there are others in the same dire situation as she was, I’m sure she would hate me if I didn’t do everything I could to save them. We rode north to the place where the driver claimed the attack had taken place, Sam picked up the trail of the attackers and we followed them to a cave…



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