Legacy of the Sorcerer-King

Rescuing Alia

Adric’s Arcane Journal: (Session 0)
3 Haze, in the Year of Priest’s Defiance, in the 190th King’s Age
I’ve decided to start chronicling my adventures now that I’m finally out of Kalak’s grasp. It feels strange to be outside the control of another. In many ways I never imagined a life of freedom, but in another I can see now that my entire being was screaming out for it. I will never allow myself to be caged again.

Still uncertainty gnaws at me. Since Kalak’s death my powers have grown unpredictable. Powers I used to call on so reliably that I took them for granted now refuse to come at all, or come in such force that I can barely contain them.

I fear they will soon not come at all.

To counter this, I’ve been trying to compile as much gold as I can. Ka’tho and I have heard that one of the merchant houses here in Altaruk is paying for adventurers. Something about recovering stolen goods.

4 Haze, in the Year of Priest’s Defiance, in the 190th King’s Age
Ka’tho and I took the job I was mentioning. The head of the local House Wavir outpost, dwarf named Rhotan Vor, hired us to recover the goods from a Wavir caravan he suspects was attacked, as well as any survivors.

Our tracker, Wulfgar, led us to the place where the caravan was but it was crawling with silt runners. They killed Wulfgar before Ka’tho and I could defeat the creatures. I haven’t known Ka’tho long enough to know how he felt about it, but I decided it was no time to be sentimental and ransacked Wulfgar’s possessions for any goods we may need to survive the trek.

As we came to the wreckage of the wagon we noticed it crawling with small, black insect-like reptiles, we squashed the bugs and recovered some of the supplies. We noticed that more of the supplies had been dragged off into the distance.

We tracked the creatures to their lair where they held the stolen supplies, guarded by more silt runners and an Ssuran leading them. After defeating them, I met with the caravan-driver, Alia, and two human guards.

Alia is a tiefling, beautiful, and clearly different from any other woman I’ve ever met. Her clothing was torn, exposing her crimson skin. It was clear she had been abused prior to our arrival. She informed us that there were more coming so we gathered the goods and return to Altaruk.



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